on: Tue, 16 Nov 2021

The Covid pandemic has affected us all and your ants were not immune from the serious and negative consequences that have made daily life so difficult and different. But thankfully they have survived and as the ant world returns to as near normal as possible, it is now back to “all systems go”. Our exciting news is that there is now a Swiss based company within the Planet Ants family (Planet Ants International AG) and they are working together with a leading Swiss company (Daura AG) to carry out an equity crowdfunding via the renowned “daura platform” (a total digital solution based also on blockchain technology). This will eventually also enable investors to use cryptocurrencies. There is a very special online event taking place on Thursday 18th November, starting at 17.00 (CET). This will provide all the information you need to know about equity crowdfunding via the renowned “daura platform” and will show you how to participate and manage digital shares. An added bonus is that there will be a presentation from Planet Ants. It will all be in English and there will be opportunities to ask questions. The following link is your personal invitation to join in: https://app.zoon.ch/en/event/daura-community-event-meet-the-ceos-1