Planet Ants

Planet Ants is a brand new and unique online game that comprises an innovative networked and interconnected "social media" game that is played on smartphones either at home or in particular whilst out and about travelling and on the move.

The basic idea and concept of the game is that the player determines the fate and destinies of an ant colony. Players have to feed, enlarge, protect and defend the colony and at the same time also protect, defend and continuously expand the territory that belongs to their own nest. The game uses the existing GPS function that is installed on all smartphones and therefore the player has the ability to use the current geographical location and also to inform and communicate with others in the vicinity.

The game situation therefore always changes in real time, depending on how and where the others move. And exactly the same as every player sees other roaming ants, swarms of flying ants, nests or food-and nutrition sources – the players themselves are of course also seen by others.

A group of roaming ants are always on the radar where either the player or the smartphone is situated and can gather food and nutrition, feed themselves, and also be active on a predatory basis. A second group can be sent from the nest on an independent basis to engage in actions and initiatives - whereby the respective missions are defined precisely both in time and distance. A fulfilled mission brings the colony food, nutrition and prosperity. A failure means a setback in and for the population.

Thanks to the possibility to join together and form alliances with other ant colonies ("AlliAnts") or simply to make friends with other players ("FrAnts") and then together to provide food, nutrition, protection or ensure successful raids, a powerful "colony of ant nations" can develop relatively quickly.